2018 Veterans Honored In Rapid City, SD

Veterans Honor Banner Project

Mission Statement

The mission of the Veterans Honor Banner Project is to place banners honoring veterans, either living or dead, who have served in any branch of the United States Armed Forces in any conflict on every banner hanger in the Rapid City area.


The Veterans Honor Banner Project was founded in the spring of 2017 by Bill Casper, who was inspired by a similar project that is ongoing in Emporia, Kansas, the founding city of Veteran’s Day.

In November of 2017, Casper orchestrated the hanging of eighteen banners honoring WWII veterans on light poles in the downtown Rapid City area leading up to Veteran’s Day. The banners featured a photo of the veteran, along with information such as their service branch, dates of service and battles that they fought in.

With many sponsors for banners already lined up for fall 2018, the project has a bright future in sharing the stories of our nation’s veterans.

History of Veterans Honor Banner Project

The Veterans Honor Banner Project was brought to the Black Hills in the spring of 2017 by U.S. Air Force veteran, Bill. Inspired by a project that was started in 2014 in Emporia, Kansas, Casper envisioned a way for the community to recognize the people that have served our country, ensuring their stories are not forgotten.

The first year of the project saw the hanging of eighteen banners commemorating World War II veterans. The banners were displayed on light poles throughout downtown Rapid City during the month of November 2017, leading up to Veteran’s Day. The banners contained a photo of each veteran, along with information supplied by the sponsors, such as the veteran’s branch of service and the dates they served.

Displaying banners honoring World War II veterans in its initial year, the Veterans Honor Banner Project anticipates the addition of servicemen and women from other conflicts, such as the Korean, Vietnam and Gulf Wars, in subsequent exhibits. With many banner sponsors already on board for

Fall 2018, the rapidly-growing project is also expected to expand into other areas of Rapid City, further increasing the visibility of our local veterans.

Chairman: Bill Casper

As a U.S. Air Force veteran, Bill Casper knows firsthand the sacrifices made by the bold men and women who have served their country. After serving as a radar technician in the Air Force from 1959 to 1963, Casper taught school for 41 years, 38 of which were spent in Rapid City. He hopes to recreate the success of Emporia Kansas’ Veterans Banner Project, which has grown substantially since its inception in 2014.

Sponsoring a Veteran

The Veterans Honor Banner Project is proud to offer you the opportunity to recognize the servicemen and women who have bravely served our country.

Any veteran may be sponsored for a banner, making it a great way to honor the special people in your life that have served in any branch of the military, in any conflict.

To sponsor a veteran for their own banner, simply fill out an application form. Please include a photo of the veteran, as well as information on as their branch of service, the dates in which they served, honors received and any other details relevant to their service.

The cost of sponsoring a veteran for a banner for 2020 varies depending upon banner size by location. Each banner will have a “life” of three years after which you will be able to reapply to keep the banner up or the banner will be yours to keep. An additional charge will be the cost to hang the banner each year. All funds go into the production of the banner. At this time we are only accepting applications.

Join us in preserving the stories of Black Hills veterans by sponsoring a banner today!